The Problem:
Truckers across the country, in states like the Carolinas, Virginia, Michigan, Tennessee, and Texas, face a major challenge: predatory towing companies. These companies exploit the lack of designated parking for truckers, towing vehicles unfairly and charging exorbitant fees. Leander Richmond has been fighting this issue since 2009, highlighting the need for stricter regulations.

Current Solutions Lack Teeth: Lax legislation allows unscrupulous towing companies to operate with near impunity. Communities try, but they have failed

Carriers United:

A Different Approach:
Carriers United proposes a novel solution: competing with the predatory towing companies on their own turf. We will establish parking service companies in the same cities where truckers are most vulnerable.

Our Promise to businesses:

Eliminate Complaint Calls to you and the police. This will be very attractive to local governments.

Our Method: Courtesy Patrol:

Instead of towing, we will employ staff to politely wake drivers and inform them of parking restrictions.

No Booting, No Fees:

Our focus is on creating a positive experience, not generating revenue through unnecessary charges.

This service will be funded through fees earned by Carriers United: Partnering with truckers to create a fairer and more reliable parking landscape.

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