Frustrated by the constant challenges facing the trucking industry? We understand. As fellow carriers for decades, we've shared your struggles. We've fought alongside you, experiencing the pain of unfair practices firsthand.

Now, after years of work, we're ready. We've developed a comprehensive plan to address these issues and reclaim a more profitable and just trucking industry. With your support, we can make a difference.

Phase 1 - Brokers

I believe that you will agree that Brokers are the single largest negative impact on carrier viability. While brokers served a useful purpose in the past but they are no longer necessary. There are two prime commodities in trucking and those are Carriers and Products. There is no need for brokers in the trucking industry.

Phase 2 - Factoring

Our definition of factoring is "Payday Loan". Factoring is bad and might not be utilized were it not for the financial strain placed by the prevalence of freight brokers.  Brokers often squeeze margins by offering low rates, then hold onto your payment for 30 days. To make ends meet, you might be tempted by their "early access" program, which charges an additional $200-$500 for immediate payment. This only digs you deeper in the hole.

Carriers United will strive to eliminate factoring by gradually shifting to a 72 hour ach  pay standard. 

Phase 3 - Parking

Truckers are the backbone of America's economy, but for too long, we've been squeezed by a lack of safe and affordable parking. The government does nothing while trucks are booted for thousands of dollars. Brokers and 3PL's contribute nothing to this problem because they simply do not care. Carriers United knows the pains, is angry and will fix it. 

Our P3A goal is to create 100,000 parking spaces per year for 5 years. P3A will be funded by revenue from Carriers United. Trucking dollars now spent on trucking

Phase 4 - Predatory Towing

Emergency towing, Non consensual towing and predatory towing takes mega millions from carriers each year. We have comprehensive plans for each of the following:

*Non-Consensual Towing abuse
*Police Towing Abuse
*Private Property Towing Abuse
*Predator Towing

Plan 4 Booting

Phase 5 - Maintinence

P5A will be a maintenance.
At this point, all that we are prepared to say is: Shop fees,  J-Pro, Valve Stems,  ​PB Blaster and more.
We've seen the little fee abuses that accompany most maintenance invoices

Phase 6 Regulations

Regulations are down right unfair and costly. The trucking industry is unfairly targeted as a massive source of pollution. Worse, our tax dollars are being wasted on forced advancement instead of needed improvements. 
Imagine the power of 500,000 trucks and drivers. I'm sure that we will speak louder and more intelligently than the ​Green conspiracy theorist. test