Once The Brokers Are Gone ???

Tired of being ripped off every day by everyone? Tired of the hidden fees and unfair business practices plaguing the trucking industry? Carriers United will tackles these issues head-on with a comprehensive plan to combat, parking, predatory towing, abusive repair fees and more. Please have a look at our plan for each segment.

Phase 1 - Brokers

Our plan to revitalize the trucking industry and freight market rate focuses on empowering carriers. By eliminating the middleman (freight brokers), we aim to ensure the freight rate reaches the carriers who keep our economy moving.  You will cut out the middleman, creating a more natural and efficient freight market for all carriers.

Phase 2 - Factoring

Factoring Fees Hijack Profits and eats away at your bottom line. Brokers often squeeze margins by offering low rates, then hold onto your payment for 30 days. To make ends meet, you might be tempted by their "early access" program, which charges an additional $200-$500 for immediate payment. This only digs you deeper in the hole.

Carriers United Fights for You: We believe you deserve better. That's why we're eliminating the need for factoring altogether. With Carriers United, you'll receive fast and secure payment within 48 hours, at no extra cost. This puts the money you earn back in your pocket, where it belongs.

Phase 3 - Parking

Truckers are the backbone of America's economy, but for too long, they've been squeezed by a lack of safe and affordable parking. The government does nothing while trucks are booted for thousands of dollars. Brokers and 3PL's contribute nothing to this problem because they simply do not care. They are in this sole for the money. We are in this for us.

Here at Carriers United, we understand the struggle. Your monthly Carriers United Load Board membership will be used exclusively for our ambitious plan to build a nationwide network of over 1 million free and accessible  parking spaces exclusively for members.

Phase - Predatory Towing

Emergency towing, Non consensual towing and predatory towing takes mega millions from carriers each year. We have plans for each segment of these and will disclose them any day now.

Stay tuned - 4/5/2024

Plan 4 Booting